Building Inspections

For Design, Marketing, Construction & Facilities Management
3D building scans let you see your building and infrastructure online, giving you a much more detailed and accurate view into how your space is configured, where improvements can be made, and ways to enhance productivity, collaboration and customer experience.

Planning + Design

Capture existing conditions  before beginning the design phase. Replace time consuming manual measurements with a 3D Point Cloud or OBJ files. View as a tour online or in your BIM or CAD package of choice.

  • Capture Dimensions quickly and within 1% accuracy*

  • Create Schematic floor plans

  • Showcase designs to your stakeholders in a way that they will understand

  • Imports into CAD/BIM

House Plan


Build more efficiently with collaborative project review.  For contract administration quality management and building defects identification, visit our sister business, Architect Inspect

  • Improve collaboration with distant teams with your digital twin accessible from anywhere in the world.

  • Save time with easy take off and measuring, allowing for remote estimating.

  • Easily identify defect locations with point tags.


Sell your spaces with beautiful online 3D tours that showcases your space in it's best light.

  • Import into Google Street View for viewing by prospective clients

  • Take clients on a remote tour of the space.

Blue White Corridor Photo Jie-Zhang Us.jpg

Facilities Management

Share a 3D walkthrough of your facilities with new employees or first responders so they can quickly understand your space or use it to quickly share information such as measurements and context with contractors or prospective contractors.

  • Design modifications and upgrades into your 3D model to see how things will work before beginning construction.

  • Create inventories and smart objects that eliminate hundreds of documents needed to keep track of and maintain inventory.

3D Building Scan Features


We can embed annotations and media into your twin to highlight key features of the property

High Definition Photos

4K print quality photos can be generated for your website, marketing or print requirements.

Floor Plans

Schematic floor plans can be produced to assist you with planning, training and facilities management.

CAD/BIM & Point Cloud Files

Digital Assets that you can download, edit and import into 3rd party programs.


Any aspect of your space can be measured including walls, windows, furniture and more.

Guided Tours

Get video tours that highlight the attributes of your space.