End to End Building Design & Engineering
We make it easy to procure architecture and interiors that benefit your community, clients & business. AkiiStudio saves you time by enabling quick comparisons between a consultants pricing, experience, and knowledge. Bring together the best architects and design experts for your project from our global network of design professionals.

Make your dream space a reality

Capture existing conditions  before beginning the design phase. Replace time consuming manual measurements with a 3D Point Cloud or OBJ files. View as a tour online or in your BIM or CAD package of choice.

  • Capture Dimensions quickly and within 1% accuracy*

  • Create Schematic floor plans

  • Showcase designs to your stakeholders in a way that they will understand

  • Imports into CAD/BIM

House Plan


Build more efficiently with collaborative project review.  For contract administration quality management and building defects identification, visit our sister business, Architect Inspect

  • Improve collaboration with distant teams with your digital twin accessible from anywhere in the world.

  • Save time with easy take off and measuring, allowing for remote estimating.

  • Easily identify defect locations with point tags.


Sell your spaces with beautiful online 3D tours that showcases your space in it's best light.

  • Import into Google Street View for viewing by prospective clients

  • Take clients on a remote tour of the space.

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Facilities Management

Share a 3D walkthrough of your facilities with new employees or first responders so they can quickly understand your space or use it to quickly share information such as measurements and context with contractors or prospective contractors.

  • Design modifications and upgrades into your 3D model to see how things will work before beginning construction.

  • Create inventories and smart objects that eliminate hundreds of documents needed to keep track of and maintain inventory.

The 6 Stages of Design

Planning Permit &

DA Approval

Your brief and set of value propositions will start to be translated into  materiality, scale, spatial relationships and form in enough detail to allow a planner to sign-off. Often referred to as sketch design, this phase is critical for developing scaled floor plans, elevations, sections and an environmental response.

Tendering & Negotiation

This stage ensures that you get the best value for money by setting up a competitive process.

Building Permits

Your plans, sections and elevations will be developed in enough detail to allow the building surveyor to approve project. The engineering calculations, fire performance and review against building codes (NCC) will be completed. 

Contract Administration

Your construction will be monitored for general compliance and quality during construction, in order to help keep the building on track.

Contract Documentation

Your building will be detailed in enough detail to communicate design intent to the builder. This involves adding specifications, schedules and detailed drawings of key junctions at a larger scale. Sometimes contractors may be bought on board at this point to provide advice about how they can assist to bring the cost down.

Post Construction Services

Any defects are identified and recorded for rectification by the builder.