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Hi I’m Kieran!

I’m an architect and business development professional with a degree in architecture and a master’s in construction management.


I worked for over ten years in corporate architecture practices as an architect and business development manager/sector lead. I also worked at Melbourne University as an architecture tutor, and as a building inspector.


I left the corporate world in 2019 to start my own architectural practice and have since developed a thriving business, earning much more than I would have been able to earn as an employee.


Initially I worked one to one with clients doing exclusive, “done for you” architectural projects and carrying out building inspections. I started getting more and more questions from other building consultants asking about how I attract clients and about how I create my designs. I also got questions from clients asking about how to design buildings.


So I started creating online courses and coaching programs that would allow me to support other architects, contractors, construction consultants and builders who wanted to start, grow and scale their own profitable businesses and learn how to create successful building designs.


Much of my knowledge was not derived from my 6 years of university education, but from trial and error over the last ten years. My aim is to share helpful tips and resources so that you can get there faster than I did.


I take a unique approach to online education and strive to keep my courses engaging and fun. My ultimate goal is to help building professionals upskill in areas that they did not learn at trade school or university.


If you are here for the first time, welcome! Here’s a few places you may like to start:


Sketchup Courses

Learn how to create amazing drawings, renders and animations of your renovation or client projects with my SketchUp courses.


Short Courses in Business Development that have been created specifically for building professionals, to help you make a profit quickly and sustainably.


My regular newsletter

Build-it, Profit, Rocket is where I share my round-up of content on how to grow a profitable building consultancy, design inspiration and building defects that we are seeing during our building inspections.


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Free Resources on my Blog and YouTube Channel

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  • Registered Architect

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Architectural Science)

  • Bachelor of Architecture

  • Masters of Construction Management and Economics

  • Workplace Health and Safety - Construction Induction White Card

My Architecture & Design Work

I've been involved with creating socially connected, active communities for people of all ages, all over the world. I take a unique approach to client engagement by working with 
stakeholders to develop a set of tailored value propositions which are then implemented throughout the life of the project. I have worked with multiple groups involved in the design and delivery of Hotels, Seniors Living, Education, Public Transport and Public Realm buildings.

I specialise in providing innovative yet pragmatic design and construction advice that is client centred and responsive to site driven realities. I can't wait to share winning design techniques that I've learned over the years, to help you to save time in your projects.

Project Selection


      - Ritz Carlton EQ Perth

      - Ritz Carlton Melbourne

    - 106 Bed Seniors Care Facility at Robina QLD
    - 109 Bed Seniors Care Facility at Michelton QLD
    - Mornington Seniors Care Facility Interior VIC
    - 450 Suite, 60 Bed Hospital and Community Centre at Shangqiao, Beijing
    - 250 Seniors Living Apartments and 30 Bed Respite Care at Astana Duta Kuala Lumpur
    - 102 Bed Dementia Care, Respite and Seniors Care at Campbell Place VIC
    - 45 Luxury Seniors Apartments and Community Centre, Glen Waverley VIC
    - 100 Seniors Living Apartments and Community Centre at Streeton Park, Heidelberg VIC
    - 102 Bed Aged Care Facility at Noble Park VIC
    - Catherine Place Intergenerational Community Masterplan, Junortoun Vic


    - Catherine McAuley Performing Arts and STEAM Hub, Bendigo VIC
    - Catherine McAuley College Master plan, Junortoun
    - Vivida Student Accommodation, Unilodge Hawthorn VIC
    - D2 Student Accommodation, Carlton VIC


    - Rail and Bus Interchange Refresh, Frankston PTV VIC
    - Signage Strategy and Streetscape Upgrade, Frankston VIC
    - Memorial Park and General Cemetery Upgrade, Frankston VIC
    - Industrial Park, Tianjin CH
    - Lianyungang Cultural Campus CH
    - Melbourne Festival Hub Scheme, South bank Riverside CH


    - TulipGreen Office Park, Cheltenham VIC
    - Moorabbin Town Hall Upgrade VIC
    - Garden Street Offices and Roof Garden, South Yarra VIC
    - Tulip Street Studio Warehouses, Cheltenham VIC
    - 4 Storey Office Building and Liquor Store, Bridge Rd Richmond VIC
    - Johnson Art Hotel, Spring Hill QLD
    - Quest Hotel, Frankston VIC