Safety & Installation

INSTALLATION OF ELECTRICAL ITEMS AND LIGHTS BY A LICENSED ELECTRICIAN IS RECCOMENDED. Do not exceed fixture electrical ratings. Do not exceed the rated wattage of the fixture. For a safe and secure installation, ensure that the electrical box to which the fixture will be mounted is properly attached to a structural member of the building. Ensure All wires are securely connected. When unpacking the fixture, take care not to pull wires as a poor connection may result. Do not connect electricity until your fixture is fully assembled. To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, or personal injury, always turn off and unplug fixture and allow it to cool prior to replacing light bulb. Do not touch bulb when fixture is turned on or look directly at light bulb. Keep flammable materials away from light bulbs and heat sources.

THE LIGHT THAT YOU ARE SENT WILL GENERALLY MATCH THE VOLTAGE IN THE SHIPPING COUNTRY. Please let us know if you would like a version of the light with a different voltage. Voltage and rating should be checked by the electrician prior to installation. The purchaser is responsible for the safe installation of electrical fittings and bulbs.

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